Founded in 2019, Miner Zilla, Co. Ltd., now among the world's most recognizable Crypto Currency Mining Hardware & Accessories Retail companies, was established to  sales and service the world’s leading Cryptocurrency miners using Asic and Gpu chip technology. 

Miner Zilla, Co. Ltd., is now among the most recognizable companies in the cryptocurrency space and the proud parent of several brands, among them Baikal, Bitfily, Bitmain, Canaan, Ebang, Halong Mining, iBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, Obelisk, PandaMiner, PinIdea, Spondoolies, StrongU, FusionSilicon,  and Hashnest, all of which are ranked number one in their respective fields. 

Our machines and customers are present in multiple locations in almost every country of the world.

We remain devoted to the sales and service of high quality and efficient computing chips, high density server equipment, and large scale parallel computing software.

We are proudly headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Hong Kong.